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Abaris HR Manager System
Abaris HR Manager Pro is an affordable HR & Time Management software solution that Alerts You To Problems Ahead of Time To Save Time and Money! and allow you to record and track the attendance of employees. Abaris HR Manager Pro automatic alerts and features are specifically designed to help you reduce overtime, lower theft, decrease your risk of fines and lawsuits for non-compliance…and manage your business better! It can output simple easy to read reports that can be passed onto your payroll department, saving you hours of time you used to spend tallying up hand-written time cards or punch clock cards.
Stop Problems Before They Cost You Money!
Get the only HR & Time clock Solutions That Alert You Ahead of Time —
Customized Alerts that automatically flag you to take action before a problem costs you time and money. Timely automated SMS and emails always keeps you informed.
Flexible, Faster, and Secure!
• Web-based and low risk, with no large upfront investment..
• Plug and play that takes less setup and training time and no IT personnel.
• Proven to reduce fraud, theft and administrative time,
• Secure and simple to use.
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Abaris HR Manager Pro is a leading provider of web based HR and Time Management Software as SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. It provides comprehensive solutions for managing hourly workforce, timecards, pro-active alerts, pay calculations, employee scheduling, leave and over-time management etc. Abaris HR Manager Pro empowers clients with the same cutting edge technology as their larger counterparts, but without the massive price tag to go along with it.

  • No large upfront investment of time, money or long-term contracts!
  • The solution is web-based and the software is a service – no purchase of IT, hardware, servers, routers, switchers or software is required.
  • Lowest entry cost—our start-up costs are typically 3% of the purchase of normal time/attendance software.
  • Flexible commitment—you only have a quarterly commitment and you can adjust the number of employees on a quarterly basis.
  • Less maintenance time—no IT personnel spend any time maintaining the software, server or system.
  • Everything is included in one low monthly fee—including software, server, system, technical support and all upgrades.
  • It’s easy to enter the info that customizes the solution software with your rules and guidelines for how you want to run your business.

·         Allow employees to record punches using biometric clocks or via web punch for locations where physical clocks are not installed.
·         Allow clocks to be configured in Swipe-n-go OR In/out punch mode
·         Apply different pay rates by shift, time-segment, location etc
·         Ability to assign punches to reporting-dates based on Business Day Offset or Schedule matching
·         Multi-level security and access rights
·         Custom pay policies leave accrual rules, Attendance rules and deductions
·         Location wise holidays setup and holiday work policy in terms of financial gains and/or complimentary leave accruals
·         Comprehensive Scheduling module allowing a different work schedule for each employee for each day
·         Online Leave/Over-Time/On-Duty applications and approvals along with automated SMS and mailing
·         Late coming, early going and absence details, Overtime details, Employee tour details, Employee Shift details,
Employee training details
·         Proactive alerts for supervisors and managers
·         Apply PTO (Paid-Time-Off/Leave) accrual policy and track utilization and balance
·         Employee Self Service allows employee to view and print personal timecard
·         Apply online for leave/tour/training and or discrepancies in timecard
·         Ability to export payroll information to various payroll systems

Abaris HR Pro. provides on-demand access, anywhere and anytime access for HR and the employees, resulting in a HR infrastructure that enhances interaction and communication. HR personnel can retrieve and update information instantly while performing knowledge-based tasks with ease, speed and convenience.
At the same time, managers and employees can also access, review and update HR records creating a seamless workflow process.
  • With the Online Self Service, employees can    Print pay slips, for past and current months
        Submit OT, claims and benefits.  hris software services india, hris software company in india
        View and update personal records. hr services india, hrms solution in delhi, hris software delhi
        Submit leave applications and make leave inquiries. hr system, hrms services noida, hr erp noida
        Enroll for training and check training schedule.  hr software in india, hrms software solution in india
        Download forms and templates for HR administration. human resource management software 
        Provide feedback and view latest corporate news and announcements. erp and erp, hr services india, software solutions company, erp software development, erp software services, erp software companies
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