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Hotel Management System :
HMS provides Hotels and Resorts a system that will improve the over all image of the service provider by improving the quality with assisting in the over all management of all the clients products and services.
HMS system will assist in the management of various Hotels and Resorts by providing a wide-ranging system that will assist users in computerizing their tasks in a quick and cost effective manner.

Ease of use
A comprehensive set of features.
Complete automation of the hotels key tasks
Ease of accessing information
Easy search options
Complete back-up and restore of information
Helps improve speed and efficiency and thus the over all quality ,Hotel Solutions
Features: Hotels Software,Restaurant Software,ERP
Graphical User Interface
Easy Customization
Color coded room status.
Daily, Monthly and Yearly Tax and Revenue reports
Express check-in and check-out
Smart Guest Search which shows the previous preferences of the guest
Password protected features
Ability to change rooms for customers already in room without going through rental process
Full featured backup and restoration, including automatic backup
A device of your choice
Ability to handle unlimited number of foreign currencies when posting charges
Unlimited number of users
Customized reports as per client requirement
And Various Modules such as: Front Office; House Keeping; Restaurant; Store; Banquet; SPA; Financial Accounting; Golf; Maintenance ,Hotel Solutions,Hotel Bookings Software
Helps improve companies’ efficiency
Improves the over all response time
Saves a lot of time
Automates a lot of processes
Integrates various process
Helps improve the overall service quality
The most unique point of HMS would be that it provides modules for various department, sections and processes of a hotel. It provides modules for Accounting, Customer Relationship, Human ResourcesRestaurant and Bar, Store Management/ Inventory Management/ Material Management etc.

Conclusion :
Hotel Management System (HMS) is hospitality software designed to help empower luxury inns, bed, breakfasts, spa’s and resorts. It emphasizes on the highest level of quality guest service through our wide range of features which seamlessly integrate rooms, dining, retail and all other sections of a hotel with information contained in reservations and also information from the back office general ledger. Hotel Solutions,Hotel Bookings Software,Hotels Software,Restaurant Software,ERP,Hotel Solutions,Hotel Bookings Software,Hotels Software,Restaurant Software,ERP,Hotel Solutions,Hotel Bookings Software,Hotels Software,Restaurant Software,ERP


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